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Everyone has heard about Marvel Comics but for those unfamiliar with the name and its fame, Marvel Worldwide Inc. is an American publisher of comics and related media which was acquired by Walt Disney Company in 2009. The company started in 1939 and was named Timely Publication back then. It was renamed Atlas Comics in 1950s and at last in 1961, was christened Marvel Comics, a name which it holds till date. Our superheroes loved by kids and adults alike are all created by Marvel Comics. Spiderman, The Hulk, Iron Man, Captain America and many more are created by creative prodigies at Marvel Comics. But these prodigies didn’t always create superheroes.


In post-war America, Marvel started diversifying its genres and created a variety of publications in horror, humor, men’s adventure, crime, war, romance, sports, bible stories, etc. The company established its reputation as a superhero comic publication in 1961 and magnified its fan following when it launched The Fantastic Four in the same year. And after the initial take-off, the rest, as they say, is history. There was no looking back for Marvel Comics after creating superheroes like Thor, Ant Man, X-Men, Green Goblin, etc. There is even a story behind the creation of The Amazing Spiderman. In 1971, when the US health department asked Stan Lee to create a story about drug abuse, he created Spiderman who portrayed drugs as fatal and unappealing. Despite Comic Code Authority’s disapproval, Lee published the three-part story and the response was so magnanimous that the authority had to revise their code that year.

Marvel Superheroes

Most of these superheroes are Editor-in-chief Stan Lee’s brainchild. After the stupendous success of The Amazing Spiderman, Lee created The Hulk and Iron Man along with Thor and X-Men. The Hulk appeared in May, 1962 where a green humanoid is shown to have superhuman powers. He also has an alter ego called Bruce Banner. Lee was inspired by Frankenstein and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde when he created The Incredible Hulk. Similarly, Iron Man (created in March, 1963) was originally a member of superhero team The Avengers. In the story, Tony Stark created the iron suit to protect himself from his abductors but later he saves the world as Iron Man.

Movies, shows and games

Almost all of these superheroes have scorched the silver screen as well and with series like Spiderman, X-Men and Iron Man and the moment we are left waiting for more, a sequel comes up to satiate us! These superheroes are admired by adults and kids alike!