There are many types of bonuses in the online casino world. We have no deposit, deposit and welcome bonuses. This site will explain the differences between these type of bonuses. First we’ll discuss the no deposit bonus, next the deposit bonus and lastly the welcome bonus.

No deposit bonus

This is one of the most wanted bonuses among fruit machine gamblers. This is because it gives absolutely free casino cash and provides in gambling without risk. When you’ve find a casino providing a bonus without a deposit you first want to download the software. This will take a minute or two. Next you enter your personal details including a login name and password. After this step you need to access the site and when you check your casino account the free cash will be there. If you can find a bonus without deposit of 50 dollar you have found a great one. More no deposit bonuses are lower than that. If you win something with this bonus you can withdraw it to your bank account. Mobile players who use a casino app also receive a no deposit bonus, as well as deposit bonusses.

Deposit bonuses

The higher a deposit bonus, the better it is for you. Normally this type of bonus provides in a certain percentage on the amount you have deposited. A common form is this. 100% bonus up to 100 dollar. If you deposit 100 dollar under these conditions you’ll receive 200 dollar to gamble with. When you deposit 50 dollar under these conditions your account will be credited with 100 dollar. Make sure you select a trustworthy casino with a high deposit bonus.

Welcome bonus

A welcome bonus for fruit machines can be a no deposit, a deposit or a free games bonus. This bonus is a way of appreciation from the casino that you have chosen them.