The Apex gaming company is specialized in modern state of the art fruit machine games for online casino’s. One of their latest slots is the Pinnacle Premium SL.

Casino’s who offer Apex slots:

The APEX Gaming company is established by Johannes Weissengruber, who still is the managing director today. The head office is in Gutau, but the slot machines are mainly being manufactured in the Czech Republic. The other APEX offices can be found in Albania, Germany, Macedonia, Slovakia and Serbia. Since 2015 the company is also present in Africa with an office in South Africa.

Pinnacle Premium SL fruit machine

One of the newest and most succesfull slot machines by APEX Gaming is the Pinnacle Premium SL. This modern slot machine has been on the market since February 2017 and is mostly known for its hyper modern design. The machine is compiled of 3 screens, each at 27 inch. This has a great effect on the gaming experience. Aside from that, the Pinnacle Premium SL has an excellent sound system, which is a welcome extra!

The special part about this slot machine is that it features a so called ‘Dragon Egg’. If you reach the jackpot game, you’ll find a dragon flying over the screen dropping the egg. If you’re very very lucky, this egg can contain the jackpot prize. The ultimate goal for any casino player.

VIP Premium Lounge

For the players who like to play privately and in more luxury, this developer has a special treat for you. The new VIP Premium Lounge slot machine takes it one step further and offers the casino player a more unique playing experience. Take part in your very own comfy chair, each of which is placed in front of a 43 inch curved screen. All settings and the spin button can be found on the 24 inch touch screen. Playing any more modern or sophisticated isn’t possible Especially the flawless design can’t be missed.